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      Enjoy PrintingTechnology has been committed to personalized product equipment and software R & D, through the self-developed software can be customized through the Internet + DIY online, you can quickly produce the products users want, the user through the software to the virtual product you want, We set the virtual product into a physical product so that users can participate in it and feel the charm of DIY.

      Enjoy the equipment produced by Innotech to meet the needs of the general customers and simplify the machine and equipment. Not only can the picture be highly restored and printed, but it also has many advantages such as light weight and fast printing speed. Franchisees can sell through online and offline channels. The company provides franchisees with comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, so investors can worry about



      Also has many advantages
      (1) One-off printing, no need for plate making, low cost, and printing of small batches of products.
      (2) Do not pick the material, can print any material, good compatibility,
      (3) Multi-color printing, no need for color registration, perfect color transition, amazing printing effect
      (4) Three-dimensional product printing, the mobile phone case universal printer can print any product with a thickness of 30 centimeters
      (5) The first choice for the printing of delicate, multi-colored and special-shaped products.
      (6) Low cost and good effect, replacing screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, pictures, etc.
      (7) The printed items have the advantages of waterproof, sun protection, wear resistance, and never fade.
      (8) Wide range of printing materials: Printing can be done on the flat surface of various materials within 30CM thick, more than ten kilograms!
      (9) Applicable materials: crystal glass, wood and bamboo materials, metal, stone, leather, PVC, PP, PE surface, porcelain surface, acrylic and so on.
      (10) Print production is simple: Reliance on manual technology and production experience is minimized.
      (11) Instant image production: The image production operation is simple and can be taken immediately.
      (12) Relatively low cost: Minimize the production and production of images.
      (13) The printing technology is stable: It is suitable for mobile phone shell and craft gift industry as new equipment applications.

      Enjoy the seven major selling points of Indian technology projects
      1Low printing cost, which can significantly reduce the cost of product special printing;
      2 Fast print speed; simple and clear operation, no personnel dependencies;
      3Using Epson nozzles, high image quality and vivid colors;
      4 easy to produce, simple to operate, no technical requirements;
      5 Suitable for printing of any material and material;
      6 Strong stability, which solves many deficiencies of existing flatbed printers;
      7 Great after-sales service guarantee factor: Modular product accessories are used to support franchisees from raw materials to software.
      Printed under 8 lines, ready to go, less complicated processes, saving time for users and saving time for franchisees
      Franchisees can choose online, offline, shop, stall, etc.