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      Enjoy the 16th International Gifts Exhibition

      2018-06-08 myrgd

      In order to better enjoy the brand made by India, and to better allow more people to enjoy the pleasure of personalization, the company basically has 1 to 2 exhibitions every month, and Changchun Exhibition in May. It has passed.  

      The next month's show is coming! 

       This time, the company first came to Shanghai, an international metropolis, to participate in the 16th International Gift Fair in Shanghai.


      If you want to join our company's products, please visit our company's products on the exhibition day. The company's booth: Staff of Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center T019-2 welcomes you to sign the contract!  

      More company content consultation by contacting: 


      Manager Lee:13534256856 

      Manager Zhou:13714412164