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      2018 Changchun Franchise Affiliate Project Exhibition Enjoy the science and technology giant benefit!

      2018-11-27 myrgd

      ladies and gentlemen.Attention! ! Attention! ! 

       Play a notification here. Following Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Beijing Exhibition, this year, Enjoy Printing Technology will again go to Changchun to attend the 2018 Spring Franchise Venture Project!

       As we all know, Enjoy India Technology has been providing DIY custom innovation technology and product solutions for domestic and foreign companies and individuals. Has the industry's most complete, client-to-user product line and converged solutions. With all major brands such as Huawei OPPP Ali, they have a partnership. Bring a lot of opportunities and business opportunities.

       Those friends who want to have a “relationship” with Enjoy India Technology have to seize this opportunity. After all, it is not easy to come. It is recommended that everyone have time to look at this personalized product, that is, you need to take time to see if you have time. After all, Personalization is now the mainstream, and you cannot fall behind.

       I don't have much to say about other things. Remember this show address: No.208, Hall 7, Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center


      If you have any questions, please remember to call the Bank of India Technology or the staff: 

       company phone:0755-89231886 

       Manager Lee:13534256856 

       Manager Zhou:13714412164