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      Technical staff

      2018-06-03 Shenzhen 1 Negotiable

      job requirements:
      1. Responsible for the daily use and maintenance of the product, understand the operating principles and maintenance of the device, 2. Understand the software and device usage specifications, and be able to use the device independently to understand the principle of use. 3. Strong learning ability and challenging spirit. , Dare to innovate and work hard.

      Job responsibility:
      1. Experience in the operation of printers or digital devices. 2. Know the principle of device construction and the rules and principles of operation. 3. Relevant work and experience are preferred.

      Customer Service Specialist

      2018-04-25 Shenzhen 2 Negotiable

      job requirements:
      1. Responsible for the coordination of customer orders and problems to meet customer needs in time.

      Work content:
      1. Hard work, love, professionalism, good personal qualities, professional accomplishment and morality, love to learn, professionalism
      2, flexible mind, quick response, strong ability to express the language organization, good at telephone communication and sales.
      3, is responsible for organizing the collection, organization of customer data, build and maintain customer information database.

      SEO Optimization Specialist

      2018-04-25 Shenzhen 1 Negotiable

      job requirements:
      1. Track and analyze the ranking of incoming SEO traffic and related keywords to form a phased data report and continue to optimize
      2. Use a variety of Internet resources, related industry media, forums, blogs, etc. to carry out website promotion work, improve website traffic, continuously develop and integrate more and better promotion resources, develop and expand website partners
      3. Responsible for the operation of PC terminal, mobile terminal, and network platform, capable of proficiently working with the public and other relevant work experience

      Work content:
      1. Responsible for the integration, planning, maintenance and operation promotion of enterprise network infrastructure platform
      2, with the offline sales, planning related online sales promotion activities, and participate in the implementation and statistical data analysis
      3. Understand the integration of internal and external resources of the company, and promote the implementation and overall monitoring of the plan.

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